Nebraska football: What Jeremy Webb’s change of plans means for NU


The Nebraska football team might be getting closer to yet another new commit.

When Scott Frost took over the reigns of the Nebraska football team, Jeremy Webb was one of the first players he offered. Webb, a four-star JUCO defensive back is right near the top of the class.

That’s both a good and bad thing for the Huskers. Because the new Cornhuskers’ staff is so late to the party, it didn’t seem as though they had much of a shot of landing Webb.

Those chances seemed to dim even more when it was announced that the DB was going to be taking a visit to Tennessee this weekend. The Volunteers are doing many of the same things that the Huskers are doing these days.

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Like Nebraska, Rocky Top is working in a new coaching staff and they’re trying to take advantage of the excitement about the newness to increase their recruiting class. The Huskers and Vols have been going toe-to-toe for players in the last few weeks.

That’s especially true when talking about some of the country’s best JUCO players. It’s possible, just possible that the Huskers got a bit of a leg up on Tennessee when Webb announced he wasn’t going to visit Tennessee after all.

The positive is that he’s not going to be heading to see the Volunteers. He’s instead going to head home to Florida and spend some time with his family. The decision doesn’t mean that he’s absolutely going to play for the Nebraska football team.

The Huskers are still going to have to fight off a couple of other teams. Both West Virginia and Virginia Tech are considered to be top candidates for Webb’s services.

The mystery of just what Webb is planning isn’t going to take much longer to unfold. Webb has already announced that wherever he goes, he’ll be signing on December 20. Nebraska football fans are just hoping it’s with the Huskers.