Nebraska ranked as 23rd best college fan base in Fandom 250

(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Nebraska fans might feel a bit slighted by their ranking in the Fandom 250, especially in the college sports ranks.

The annual year-end event known as the Fandom 250 is officially out and Nebraska fans might wonder just what exactly went wrong. While it’s certainly an accomplishment to make the list, 232 is not exactly something to crow about.

When looking at the college rankings, Husker fans should be downright embarrassed. 24 college sports teams made the list. The Cornhuskers fans clocked in at 23rd.

Who was behind a group of people that considers themselves the “greatest fans in college football?” The only fan base ranked lower in the college sports world was the people who support Last Chance U’s East Mississippi Community College.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football
Nebraska Cornhuskers Football /

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

Yep, no other college sports community on the list ranked lower than Nebraska. Adding insult to injury? Four Big Ten teams all finished higher with Ohio State taking the top spot.

To be fair, this isn’t simply a college football fan ranking system. This takes every sport … every sport the college offers into account.

Perhaps Husker fans just aren’t getting enough coverage of our love for the Volleyball team (which plays in a final four game tonight) Perhaps we’re just not making the PBA rock enough in big basketball games.

The Huskers’ fans did get a shout out for one of the truly inspirational records in sports. The sellout streak that goes all the way back to the 1960s.

Before anyone gets too mad, this really is a ranking of the best fandoms in the world. Not just the sports world. There’s Aaron Judge and Rocket League on this list as well.

There are also quite a few more than just 24 colleges in the country. Husker fans take feel a sense of pride in making the list while simultaneously wondering how in the world the Huskers

managed to finish behind North Dakota State.

Check out the rankings, play around with them and then take pride in the fact you’re a member of one of the best fan bases anywhere. Then get to work making sure Nebraska is ranked quite a bit higher in next year’s Fandom 250.