Nebraska football: UCF fans hold candlelight vigil in Scott Frost memorial

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Now part of the Nebraska football program, Scott Frost will apparently always be some UCF fans’ “perfect little angle.”

While Nebraska football fans are largely over the moon happy that Scott Frost has arrived, UCF fans are not nearly as tickled. Even though the team has a new head coach, there are plenty of fans who are having a very hard time getting over the departure of their last head coach.

Most of the Knights’ fans have taken to Twitter in order to voice their displeasure. Others have gone on message boards in order to show that they disagree with his decision.

Still others are making sure people know they aren’t going to miss him at all. They say they’re better off without him and they didn’t want him anyway. In other words, these fans are going through the stages of grief in a  way.

Still other UCF fans are going through some stages of grief for real. Such is the case with the group of fans that recently held a memorial for Frost as though he had passed away.

The memorial was laid out like ones that are done for people or tragic incidents that happen near where the memorial takes place. It was complete with candles and signs.

One particular sign was funnier than most, as it had the dates of it’s hires laid out much like what you see as a birth and death date. Over those dates was the slogan “our little angle.”

When viewing the video above, it takes a minute, as the sign was obviously supposed to say “our little angel.” It would seem the monument is supposed to be in jest, though there are football fans who really do take their coaches leaving this hard.

Considering some of the vitriolic comments made by a few Knights fans towards Scott Frost and the Nebraska football team, it’s hard to know exactly how much of this was a joke. Intentional or not, it’s plenty funny.