Nebraska football: What UCF’s hiring of Josh Heupel means for the Huskers

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Nebraska football coaches might not coach UCF for bowl game
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Nebraska football staff may not coach UCF’s bowl game, allowing Josh Heupel to do it instead

When Scott Frost and his staff announced they were coming to coach the Nebraska football team, they also said they wanted to coach the UCF bowl game. With the hiring of Josh Heupel, things get a bit complicated.

On the one hand, it seems like Heupel and whoever he hires would like to focus on recruiting and getting to know the team, rather than attempting to coach. On the other, this many chefs in the kitchen create an odd scenario.

This is a bit unlike any situation we’ve seen in recent times. If Beckton and Walters come to Nebraska that would mean the entire staff was leaving for good after the bowl. Has another team’s entire staff coached a bowl game for their previous school?

That question is followed up with, will the new staff feel like they are giving up their authority right off the bat? There is also a situation where there are bound to be players who are upset Frost is leaving at all.

If the Knights struggle out of the game next year, a team that played (and won?) a bowl game with the old staff, while the new staff was there might breed some dissension.

For now, we don’t know for sure what the plans for that situation are. Josh Heupel has just taken the helm. Scott Frost says he and his staff are willing to coach the bowl game. In the long run, coaching that game has positives and negatives for the Nebraska football team.