Nebraska football: Top Huskers receiver hints at going pro

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 24: Wide receiver Stanley Morgan Jr.
LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 24: Wide receiver Stanley Morgan Jr. /

Change at the top of the Nebraska football program has Stanley Morgan Jr.contemplating “business decision.”

The Nebraska football team is officially in a state of flux. When Bill Moos made the decision to fire Mike Riley and the rest of his staff, he likely knew there would be fallout.

Husker fans likely thought there would be fallout as well, though losing the team’s top receiver might not have been something the fanbase saw coming. A tweet by Stanley Morgan Jr. on Sunday night seems to indicate losing the Nebraska football team’s only 1,000-yard receiver in history could be a possibility.

Morgan Jr. pointed to a new coach and a new offense in his senior year being a concern saying. He also pointed to Keith Williams being sent packing as a reason he might leave himself.

"I LOVE Nebraksa (sp), new coach & offense my senior year is scary And ESPECIALLY not having Dubb @wideouts, he’s the reason I’ve turned into the person/player I am now in the first place. I know the change was business so maybe I should make a business decision now too."

The man who broke the school record for receiving yards in a season against Iowa isn’t the only player who has voiced concern about the Huskers’ receivers’ coach being gone. JD Spielman, who set several freshmen records in 2017 is also worried about Williams being gone.

Spielman isn’t threatening to leave for the NFL the way Morgan Jr. is, but he’s clearly not happy with the situation. The question is whether or not these tweets are meant to be a warning, or a way for both players to campaign for the return of their coach.

Moos announced in his press conference that only Trent Bray would remain on staff for now. The reasoning behind that decision was two-fold.

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Moos wanted to make sure there was someone at the helm for the Nebraska football team. He also wanted to make sure whoever the new head coach is, has complete autonomy when it comes to hiring his staff. It appears as though JD Spielman and Stanley Morgan Jr. would very much like Williams brought back.