Nebraska football: One photo shows why Scott Frost staying at UCF is unlikely

(Photo by Richard Carson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Richard Carson/Getty Images) /

Reports have started to surface that Scott Frost might stay at UCF rather than join the Nebraska football or Florida Gators team. Those rumors are ignoring something very obvious about Central Florida.

As yet another very bad Saturday descended upon the Nebraska football program, the Husker fandom once again turned it weary eyes towards Scott Frost. As he guided his Central Florida team to yet another win (they’re now 9-0) yet another story surfaced about the Golden Knights boosters doing everything they can to keep their head coach.

It makes sense when talking about the administration and the school’s most dedicated fans. They know the value of Frost. The regular fans of UCF either don’t know or don’t particularly care what the team has done this year.

About the same time the story of the big boosters wanting to shell out big money to keep the school’s new head man, a picture started circulating on social media. The picture shows the stadium where the Golden Knights play just minutes before they kicked off their game against UCONN.

The picture showed a stadium almost entirely empty. It showed a fan base that isn’t working very hard to support its team. That’s why it seems highly unlikely that he would ever choose to stay at at the program he currently heads rather than move to a place like Nebraska or Tennesee or Florida.

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In order to move along, he first has to be offered the job. So far, there has been quite a bit of talk about Frost being the next hot coach. So far he doesn’t seem to be even be rumored to have a deal in place to move on. That could actually be good news for Nebraska football fans who are desperate to get Scott Frost here. If another team comes calling, it’s a good bet he’ll answer the phone.