Nebraska football tailgate Week 10: Wily Northwestern Wildcats

Photo by Kelli Anne,
Photo by Kelli Anne, /

That other NU makes its way into Memorial Stadium for a showdown with the Nebraska football team Saturday at 2:30.

Those Wildcat games have always been wild for the Nebraska football team and there will be Purple people. I haven’t met one I didn’t like though…yet. (I’m not counting QB Thorson)

Big Red is an underdog at home. WHAT?! to them?! Wildcats are a team that has a record of 5-3, but they just beat a ranked Sparty in triple overtime. Personally, I’m hoping they emptied their bucket last week and won’t have enough to make much of a showing in Lincoln.

The temptation will be for Big Red to throw it deep as NU doesn’t have a good secondary. This is a time when Riley wants to get that ground game going to keep the ball away from the other team. The purple guys have a very stingy run defense too. That makes me nervous. Bear in mind the Purple beat Iowa 17-10 earlier in the season, but the won’t reign here! (see what I did there?)  These games are always down to the wire. I’m expecting the same on Saturday.

The Nebraska football game will be televised on BTN and Husker tailgating will have plenty of time to get primed. Make sure to wear layers. The forecast says cloudy and warming to 61 with a kick off temperature of 58 degrees. A light breeze up to 6 mph shouldn’t interfere with Drew Brown doing his thing this week either. He was the MVP last week in my book. Did you see that touchdown saving tackle by #34?! I mean we already knew about the leg but throwing that shoulder like a linebacker! Well done, Drew! Sam would be proud.

Speaking of layers, I worked that into my food inspiration for this week. Everyone has their favorite 7-Layer Taco dip recipe. Your base is the refried beans, then you slather on the taco seasoning and sour cream mixture. Layer the cheese, the guacamole, the tomatoes, the olives and the onions to top off the dip.

Just like the Husker defense changed things up with their front 7 this year (going from a 4-3 to a 3-4) I’m changing things up with a different 7 layer dip option. It’s a layered Reuben dip! The mix of the corned beef, sauerkraut and rye bread goes so well together you will wish you made two of them. I’ll admit I was a little nervous to try it but it’s well worth the adventure! (I’m reserving my opinion on whether Diaco is worth the adventure until the end of the season.)

Next play, a Purple drink. Not much comes to mind other than that icky purple cough syrup that made you sleep for days. I decided to avoid the grape jello this time. Instead I decided to experiment with the other choices on the shelf to come up with a winning combination. Kind of like what QB Tanner Lee did when he threw to TE Tyler Hoppes last week who has been on the shelf most of this season.

Mix the Berry Blue and (red) Strawberry Banana jello with 2 cups of hot water. Stir to combine. Mix in 1 3/4 cups of Burnett’s strawberry banana vodka and pour into shot cups and chill. If you don’t think it’s purple enough, add in drops of red or blue food coloring. I’m calling it the Wildcat. Not imaginative but it works.

Next to last chance to tailgate for the 2017 Husker football team. I know the season hasn’t been what we hoped but we always win at the tailgate. Remember those players are somebodies sons and comment accordingly when you do share on social media. Hit me up on Twitter with your favorite tailgate moments at @Kelian_NE. Recipes always welcome.

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Get to the game, cheer loudly for the Nebraska football team and get home safely. Most of all GO BIG RED!