Nebraska football: Scott Frost keeping his head down, avoiding listening to coaching rumors

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Central Florida coach Scott Frost said he’s not listening to talk of him going to the Nebraska football team or anywhere else in a Thursday morning interview.

Scott Frost spoke to Mike Bianchi on a local radio station, 96.9’s Open Mike. During the interview, he was asked about the coaching rumors that had him as the future coach of the Florida or Nebraska football teams.

His response was about what you would expect from college football’s darling these days. “I got my head down, man,” Frost answered according to 247Sports. “My focus is on this game, and this is the honest truth, and my focus is on my wife getting ready to have our first child. There just not time to think about that kind of stuff. There will be a time to think about it, but it’s not now.”

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He continued that as long as he doesn’t spend too much time on Twitter, he doesn’t feel as though the rumors are much of a distraction. He added the players have his full attention right now.

It makes sense for Frost to go out of his way to ignore the rumors. Central Florida is currently 7-0 and ranked 18th. His squad is just one of five teams left in FBS that are undefeated. That low ranking is thanks in large part to a weak schedule, but it’s a safe bet that if he finishes the regular season undefeated the spotlight on him will be brighter than ever.

While UCF has taken steps to try and get him to stay beyond this season, Frost should strike while the iron is hot. The young coach’s predecessor knows things can turn rotten in no time at a school where resources are somewhat limited like Central Florida.

Four years ago, George O’Leary led his Golden Knights team to a 12-1 record and a Fiesta Bowl win over Baylor. He posted a 9-4 record and an appearance in the St. Petersberg Bowl the next season. The year after that UCF was 0-12 and he was fired.

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That isn’t to say that Frost is going to have a similar up and down career with the Golden Knights, but his stock might never be higher than it is right now. The Nebraska football team doesn’t currently even have an opening, but the Florida Gators do. Scott Frost is wise to ignore the hubbub until something concrete comes along.