Nebraska football tailgate: Week 6 Badgering the Big Red

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images) /

Nebraska football has now entered into the teeth of the Big Ten schedule, and the No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers come rolling into Lincoln with a lot on the line.

Needless to say, THIS gal was happy about the Friday night success for the Huskers. Yes, Illinois isn’t good, but Tanner Lee didn’t turnover the ball, homegrown linebacker Ben Stille (Still-Lee) had himself a game, Stanley Morgan was back on the field and you KNOW that De’Mornay Pierson-El had a GREAT game scoring touchdowns and catching footballs!

Of course I was happy!! And it gave me a lot of time on Saturday to get things done around the house.

Now it’s time for the Cornhuskers to get things done around their house. A 7pm CDT home game start time means another stellar tailgate day and football under the lights at Memorial Stadium, or on FS1.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football
Nebraska Cornhuskers Football /

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

Weather report says a sunny and comfortable 73 degrees during the day with a light breeze to help Drew Brown split those uprights. And the 1997 national championship team will be in the house for a 20th anniversary salute. Hopefully all the pieces will be in place for the Huskers to pound out a victory against the Badgers.

Wisconsin has always been pesky for the Huskers in years past. However, I’ve been told by some of my Husker peeps that Wisky hasn’t played a complete four quarters yet. That’s good for us. They still have a QB that knows what he’s doing and a defense that knows what we are doing though.

On the bright side our defense is looking better (not giving up any touchdowns in 14 quarters). We also get Joshua Kalu back, Newby back, and even Chris Jones has been practicing.

Doing research for this week I discovered the Wisconsin state bird is the Robin. That little voice in my head said, “as in they’ve been robbin’ us of wins.” I found out they have more than just tasty cheeses that come from up north. There is also Maple syrup, New Glarus  artisan breads, Jelly Bellys, cranberries and Pabst Worcestershire sauce.

I found a Wisconsin Badger cocktail that has a cranberry juice base and a lot of different schnapps. I won’t be making that, but it did inspire my jello shot recipe this week. This is a cranberry and brandy mix! Like a badger, it has a bite. Add 1 cup of boiling water to a package of cranberry jello. Blend in 3/4 cup Christian Brothers brandy and pour into shot cups. Enjoy!

My sweet friends from Wisconsin, the Gundersons, inspired me to share this sweet treat: Rice Krispie balls. Two of their kids are now Huskers and there may be a third! This treat is the perfect bite size smooth sweetness. The same could be said about the Gundersons.

Photo by Kelli Anne,
Photo by Kelli Anne, /

1 stick of butter

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 package Kraft caramels

1 package of large Marshmallows

1 box of rice krispies

Melt the top 3 ingredients over a medium heat. Dip the Marshmallows at the end of a fork in the gooey goodness and then roll in the krispies. Let them sit in the refrigerator to set.

Big Red Saturday night will be a grinder of a game. Low scoring, unless there are mistakes. Huskers want this one badly. Heck, I want this one badly because I have a lot of friends from W-land who make my life hell if we lose. But I also have AMAZING W-land friends who bring me cheesy goodness and bacon heaven so at the end of the day, with friends like that I’m always winning.

Get out and enjoy the perfect weather Saturday for the game. Hit me up with one of your favorite tailgate recipes on Twitter @Kelian_NE. Be friendly to the visitors. Cheer loudly and make sure you get home safely. Most of all GO BIG RED!