Big Ten Football Meets The WWE In A Clash of Champions

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Northwestern isDamien Sandow

WWE’s ‘Intellectual Savior of the Masses’, Damien Sandow is one of those guys that knows everything. He’s actually pretty talented, too, but is just beyond annoying. No one likes a know-it-all, right? I mean, his catchphrase is “You’re welcome.”

It was almost too easy to pair up Sandow with the Big Ten’s brainy school, Northwestern. They’re a pesky bunch, those Wildcats from Evanston, IL. They obviously have some talented guys there to go along with the smarts.

Perhaps the biggest likeness between the two I could find was the inability to close out an opponent, especially when the game/match is really in their favor.

Let’s take Northwestern’s 2013 season as an example. They blew a 10-point lead against Ohio State in the fourth quarter.

They lost to Iowa in overtime, and I think those of you reading this can remember their last outing in Lincoln.

Both Northwestern and Damien Sandow will need to find a way to get through the continual lapses if they want to get out of mid-carder status.