Big Ten Football Meets The WWE In A Clash of Champions

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Minnesota isDolph Ziggler

I struggled finding Minnesota’s counterpart in present-day WWE. The Gophers have an interesting spot in the Big Ten where people view them as a doormat. In the past decade, they’ve lost many times, yet have such potential.

The Gophers have all the tools and potential to be a star team in the Big Ten. That’s why I picked Dolph Ziggler as Minnesota’s match.

Ziggler has had an up and down career in the WWE. Even the most devout WWE fan may have forgotten that Ziggler has actually held the World Heavyweight Championship.

It seems so long ago and he held it for such a brief period. There are things that Ziggler can simply excel at beyond the rest of the WWE locker room.

One thing in specific is what wrestling insiders call “selling.” To “sell” in pro wrestling is when a performer takes a maneuver from another wrestler and acts like it hurts more than it does. Obviously pro wrestling isn’t a legitimate competition, but these men still have to put on a good performance. Ziggler is one of the best at that.

It’s clear that Ziggler has such a high ceiling and could eventually be so much more than he is in the WWE, just like Minnesota in the Big Ten.