Huskers Football Near Senior Curse-Proof For 2014 Season

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Kenny Bell

Joe Flannigan-Albion News

Ah, another interesting potential loss. What happens if #FearTheFro can no longer haul in passes?

While Bell’s a fan favorite, he wasn’t Nebraska’s best receiver last year by a wide margin. Senior Quincy Enunwa (who did not get hurt, so there’s a promising sign) actually gained 176 more yards with one less catch (51) than Bell and scored three times as many touchdowns (12).

Surely The Fro’s ready for a solid swan song, but…

What happens if he goes down: I’m the barer of good news once more! While losing an experienced receiver is never a good thing, Nebraska runs roughly a 65-35 run-pass ratio offense.

The other receivers on hand include Taariq Allen, Kevin Gladney, Alonzo Moore, Jordan Westerkamp and Jamal Turner. This is before we add Sam Burtch and Brandon Reilly into the mix.