Huskers Football Near Senior Curse-Proof For 2014 Season

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Zaire Anderson

Joe Flannigan-Albion News

Now that the heart attack-inducing loss possibility is out of the way, we move on to what would be an extremely unpleasant one.

Anderson’s presence on the field only makes the front seven’s job easier, thanks to what he can do in run and pass coverage.

What happens if he goes down: The defensive counterpart of Nebraska’s crowded stable of running backs is the linebacker corps. Anderson spent most of his time at the WILL spot last season, but was experimented with at BUCK during the spring.

Sophomore Josh Banderas played at both the BUCK and MIKE positions during spring practice. Others on the roster have spent time on the strong side as well if an emergency situation pops up. While Banderas doesn’t have Anderson’s speed, he has all the talent required to be a force in Bo Pelini’s system.