Huskers Football Near Senior Curse-Proof For 2014 Season

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Ameer Abdullah

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll only be discussing major contributors today. My classification for a “major contributor”: Guys you know offhand, who are pretty crucial to the team’s success, etc.

Nowhere better to start than Ameer Abdullah. The unofficial Heisman campaign rolled out over social media well before 2013 ended, and rightfully so. No. 8’s putting up numbers that top some of the Huskers’ best.

However, another Big Red running back was recently treated to a campaign for a trip to New York: the aforementioned Rex Burkhead.

What happens if he goes down: Fortunately, Nebraska has a stable of talented running backs not unlike the glory days of the mid-90s. They’re not all polished yet, but amazing potential fills the depth chart.

If Tim Beck was given a guarentee that junior Imani Cross would stay healthy for the entire season, he could easily gameplan with who he has available.