Huskers Football Near Senior Curse-Proof For 2014 Season

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few years of Huskers football, there’ve been moments that were straight up gut punch-worthy. I’m not talking about losing games, but players. Specifically seniors and for their entire final year of eligibility due to injury.

If that’s not a cold way to go out, I don’t know what is. The latest trio is impressive: current Cincinnati Bengal Rex Burkhead, Taylor Martinez and Spencer Long. Fortunately for Martinez and Long, they appear to be good to go for the future. However, had Long stayed in the entire year, he would’ve been a first team All-Big Ten lock.

Here’s a guy that I voted to the FWAA’s first team All-America squad as a junior (he would eventually be part of it). With a clean 2013 season, he would’ve been an easy second day pick in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. He’ll still get picked, because no franchise is dumb enough to not pick up a hard-working human bulldozer, especially on the cheap if possible.

Is there a curse on Husker football seniors? Even if there is, with only 14 on the roster, I’ll show you how sweet lady Fate hasn’t stacked the deck too harshly against the Big Red this season.