Tim Miles: Nebraska Basketball’s Coach; Tennessee’s Dream


Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being the college football offseason, some Husker fans are getting jittery. Not about a quarterback tearing an ACL, but whether or not Nebraska basketball head coach Tim Miles will entertain any advances by Tennessee.

New California Golden Bears’ head coach Cuonzo Martin bolted Rocky Top after saying Knoxville was the place to be only two weeks ago. CBS Sports studio host Tim Brando had some prompt advice for the Volunteer brass.

High praise, indeed. Miles’ stock’s risen higher than Berkshire Hathaway’s after his second tour of duty leading the scarlet and cream. While he may very well get a phone call from Knoxville, the Vols will hang up disappointed.

Now, I’m no big city athletic director, but it seems to me that the mountain of evidence against Miles up and running off to Tennessee is rather large:

  • His family’s close by
  • All of Nebraska’s starters return
  • He has brand new facilities that NBA franchises are studying
  • He coaches in one of the best conferences in the nation
  • The fans love, nay, adore him
  • He’s one NCAA win from being hoisted on the shoulders of Lincolnites and being paraded down the streets

Oh, there’s one more thing. In this wonderful world of college sports, business is all about two things: winning and if you’re not winning, getting back to doing so pronto. For Miles, business is a-boomin’. He doesn’t need an extension as he has a rather long contract as it is. It just needs to be fattened, and it will be.

Why? For a couple of reasons. The first being that he deserves it. Nebrasketball is now part of the college basketball dictionary. The second being that it’s simply how the game is played. It’s insurance.

Nebraska fans love winners, especially if they do so in a way they can be proud of. More importantly, the powers that be do as well.

This isn’t to say that the Tennessee gig is beneath Miles, not at all. He just has it better in Lincoln and likely will for quite some time. Sorry, Vols. There’s only one thing left for Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst to do to shut Miles off to the rest of the college basketball world.

To quote Teddy KGB from Rounders, “Pay him…Pay that man his money.”

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