Monday Mailbag (4/14/14)


It’s Monday and you know what that means! Well, yes, homemade hangover cures. More specifically, the return of Husker Corner’s Monday Mailbag! We received a question from FanCred this week, but the mailbox won out in terms of quantity. Let’s get to it.

Is Bo going to the animal shelter to adopt any cats so he can be like the crazy old cat lady from The Simpsons? – Patrick Schmidt (FanCredder)

Brandon: No, I think Bo’s in a completely monogamous relationship with Anya.

What were your impressions of the quarterbacks after the spring game? – John Drummond (Husker Corner Mail)


– Tommy Armstrong looked off. Whether or not that was because the defense rattled him that much or he was simply having an off day is up for debate. From what I saw earlier this spring, this was easily one of his poorest performances.

– Johnny Stanton had one of his best days this spring. As it began, he looked unsure that he was making the right calls on zone plays and was overthrowing his receivers. He showed some serious poise in the pocket and we got to see his scampering ability as well.

– Ryker Fyfe has a great arm and if he had size similar to Stanton, Nebraska’d have a great problem to deal with in terms of shuffling talented signal-callers. However, I fear that if Fyfe takes off in an actual game scenario he’d get broken in half.

Is Imani Cross a better running back than Ameer Abdullah? – Dennis Florence (Husker Corner Mail)

Brandon: Well, I don’t hear many Cross for Heisman campaign ideas. This isn’t knocking Imani. He showed off that he’s not just a big back anymore. I’d say he’s a perfect compliment to Abdullah, much in the same way Wisconsin has found compliments for their main backs.

Both will serve their purpose, but there’s a reason Abdullah didn’t play Saturday.

I heard Tim Miles was around the stadium for an hour taking pictures and signing autographs. I think he’s an amazing representative for Nebraska sports. Get him a raise! – Jessie Ditino

Brandon: You put it very well, Jessie. Miles is a fantastic face of Huskers sports as a whole, not just the men’s basketball program. When an athletic department has coaches that transcend their own sport as quality individuals, the return on its initial investment comes back tenfold. It doesn’t hurt that Miles seems to be getting even more comfy in Lincoln.

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