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5 Signs of a True Husker Fan



It does not seem to matter where you go, you are sure to find a Husker fan in whatever town you are living in. While the largest concentration of these fans can be found around Memorial Stadium on game day, you will be able to find them all throughout the Midwest and the whole country. Here are five ways that you can tell if you are near a true Husker fan or if you might be one yourself.

The Weather Does Not Matter on Game Day–Whether it is sunny, raining, snowing, or even about to have a tornado, Husker fans flock to Memorial Stadium each week to see their team play. These fans are more reliable than the post office bringing your mail and it seems like there is nothing that can stop the tide from rolling in. With over 300 consecutive sellouts under their belt so far and no sign of slowing down, it seems like this tradition of coming out and supporting your team will not be going away anytime soon.

Tailgating Can Begin at Any Time of Day–Husker fans know that games can begin at any time of day. There are early games that will require you to be in your seat by 11 in the morning and others that do not start until 7 at night, with plenty of options in between. No matter what time your team is playing, you will be able to find a true Husker fan out and celebrating their team early, even if it is 5 in the morning.

A Nebraska Loss Can Ruin Your Whole Week–They prepare for the game all week. They practice their trash talk to friends that might be on the other team, they get all of the food and refreshments for the party set up, they make sure that they do not have any work or homework that might be in the way, and they set aside a good part of their Saturday in order to watch their team. It is understandable that when their team fails them and loses, they are going to feel the loss after all of the energy they put into the game. It is best to not even bring up the game after a disappointing loss if you know a Husker fan.

Getting Covered in Body Paint is Just a Part of Life–Husker fans go all out to show support for their team and to make sure that the whole world knows which team they are supporting. Body paint, corncob hats, and much more are all part of the norm during a Husker game.

You Cannot Talk on Sunday Due to Yelling at Your TV Screen –Many Husker fans fall under a delusion on Saturday’s that if they scream loud enough at their television screens, the players and coach Pelini will be able to hear them and will begin to follow their advice. The situation becomes even worse if the fan is at the game and is trying to be heard over the 90,000+ fans that are also at the game. Do not be surprised if the Husker fan is not able to talk to you after all of this yelling and screaming.