Power Rankings of the Big Ten 11/12


Legends Division

Michigan State-Michigan State Leads this Division in power rankings for this week. Currently they are ranked 0-7 when they play against the Huskers, but their defense has proved to be a powerful opponent for many teams this season and could help them win.

Minnesota-Minnesota will be playing Wisconsin this upcoming week and if they are able to make it back into the rankings, it would mark the first time that these two teams have met up with rankings since 2005.

Nebraska-Saturday proved that the Huskers can come back against a winning team, even if the way they went about it was not the prettiest.

Iowa –Iowa will not be meeting up against a team this week and will use it to work on bettering themselves for a matchup against Michigan in a few weeks. During this season, the Hawkeyes have made sure that no team has been able to score a touchdown during the first quarter.

Northwestern –Despite not winning any games in their conference so far this week, Northwestern is still a team that you should watch out for in the next week.

Michigan –Michigan is not as strong as they started the season out as. Currently they are seen as an underdog against Northwestern, a team that has not won any conference games.

Leaders Division

Ohio State –Ohio has seemed almost unstoppable for the past couple of seasons and are favorites for going to the Big Ten Champion. Despite this, their linebacker still remains a concern for this team.

Wisconsin –meeting against Indiana seems like a good win for Wisconsin. In the last eight games against each other, Wisconsin has managed to average about 52 points.

Indiana –Indiana has had some problems with their defense this season. Their coach, Kevin Wilson stated, “We’ve not been good at run defense or pass defense.”

Penn State –Penn State suffered a loss to Minnesota last week and are ready to come back with a vengeance against Purdue on Saturday.

Illinois—Illinois is likely to keep up their losing streak and make it an even 20 when they meet up with Ohio State next Saturday. Hopefully they will be able to end that streak against Purdue in the following week.

Purdue –Purdue was lucky enough to be able to make a snap in the red-zone for the first time since September and were fairly successful against Iowa. They will meet up against Penn State this coming Saturday.

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