Nebraska Conrhuskers vs UCLA: Studs and Duds


Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Nebraska Cornhuskers lost to the UCLA Bruins 41-21 at Memorial Stadium. Several players made impact on the game both good and bad. Here are this week’s Studs and Duds.

1. Quincy Enunwa- Quincy continues to be a leader. He had two touchdown grabs yesterday to add to his season total of four. That leads the team. While the team overall didn’t impress you can’t help but be impressed with how well Enunwa, a team captain, is playing this season.

2. Kenny Bell- Kenny caught a touchdown for the second consecutive game and made a lot of plays in the open field this week. If we gave out grades for effort Kenny Bell would most definitely get an “A”. Anytime he gets his hands on the ball you should expect him to give that effort and use that patented stiff-arm move. Kenny had a breakout season last year and after a slow start seems to be getting back on track.

3. Mauro Bondi- In a game where there wasn’t many positives Bondi stood out. He was successful on one PAT attempt and kicked off well the entire game. He kicked multiple touchbacks forcing the Bruins to poor field position for most of the game. Bondi’s leg strength has been impressive to watch this season. It still looks though as if he and Pat Smith both will continue to split the PAT’s.


1. Josh Mitchell- Its and ongoing theme this year, aside from the Southern Miss game, that Mitchell is missing tackles and it is killing the defense’s chances of getting off the field. Mitchell was expected to be one of the top corners for this season and has been anything but that as he continues to get burned deep.

2. Ameer Abdullah- Ameer struggled running and made few plays that had impact. In the second half when things were already bad enough. Abdullah fumbled the fooball killing a drive. Ameer had a rough outing as did most of the team. Hopefully we will see him regain form next week.

3. Ciante Evans- Ciante had played really well and played up to his captain status on defense the first two weeks, but yesterday he struggled to make plays and tackles. He also got beat for much of the game, especially in the third quarter. Ciante has to put this game behind him and move on. In no fashion was this one of his better games.