With coaching shakeups all around the country, Nebraska has benefited from it recruiting..."/> With coaching shakeups all around the country, Nebraska has benefited from it recruiting..."/>

Nebraska’s Most Wanted


With coaching shakeups all around the country, Nebraska has benefited from it recruiting wise. Nebraska has pulled a big time safety out of New Jersey, that was previously commited to Wisconsin, 6-foot-3, 200 lb. D.J. Singleton verbally pledged to Nebraska on Monday. On Tuesday 6-foot-8, offensive tackle David Knevel out of Branford, Ontario committed to the Huskers. Recruiting is in full swing. Here are the top 10 prospects still on the board that are considering Nebraska.

1. Aaron Cochran, 6-foot-6, 320 lb., Offensive Tackle, Atwater, CA Buhach High School: Cochran is not a 5 star prospect. It was clear this season Nebraska’s biggest need is at offensive tackle. The addition of Kenvel is huge, but Cochran will be a great addition. Rated 3 stars by FanSided recruiting, Cochran has all the upside in the world. The team to beat out for Cochran’s scholarship is California.

2. Lavon Hooks, 6-foot-4, 300 lb., Defensive Tackle, Booneville, MS. Northeast C.C.: The biggest need is at offensive tackle, but biggest concern should be on defensive line. Nebraska has a lot of young talent coming in to replace 4 seniors on the defensive line. It  is going to be a difficult task to pull Hooks out of SEC country. It really seems like every school that has offered his is still in contention. The team to beat here is Auburn.

3. Beau Sandland, 6-foot-6, 250 lb., Tight End, Woodland Hills, CA. Pierce C.C.:  Although Nebraska has benefited from the coaching changes around the country. They have also felt it’s burn as well. Nebraska tight end coach Vince Marrow has left Lincoln and taken a job at Kentucky. Sandland was once considered a heavy Nebraska lean. With Marrows departure Sandland has reopened his recruitment, and is as much of a wild card as any other recruit in the country. The team to beat for Sandland is Miami.

4. Priest Willis, 6-foot-2, 185 lb., Cornerback, Tempe, AZ. Marcos De Niza High School: Willis is the biggest target on Nebraska’s list. He will be a long shot to pull in, but Nebraska is still on his list. Willis is the type of the Corner you can build your defense around for 3 to 4 years. He would be a huge sign. The team to beat is UCLA.

5. Quincy Russell, 6-foot-3,  315 lb., Defensive Tackle, Athens, TX. Trinity Valley C.C.: Hooks is the top defensive tackle prospect on the board. If the Huskers cant land Hooks, they better land Russell. Nebraska is talented at defensive tackle, but they are young. Russell has the experience Nebraska could use in the 2013 season. The school to beat out is Oklahoma.

6. Maliek Collins, 6-foot-2 285 lb., Defensive Tackle, Kansas City, MO. Center High School: Russell and Hooks are the high priority for this coaching staff. Collins will add depth to this team where it is needed. Collins is visiting Lincoln this weekend and could commit before leaving. The school to beat out is Kansas.

7. Antoine Miles, 6-foot-3, 250 lb., Defensive End, Canton, OH. McKinney High School: Miles was committed to Nebraska at one time, but with the loss of Marrow, Miles has reconsider his commitment. It’s now a long shot for the Huskers to land Miles, but it head coach, Bo Pelini can get one last pitch to Miles, anything is possible. You have to wonder if Kentucky will offer Miles now that Marrow is on the staff. The team to beat at this point is West Virginia.

8. Mackensie Alexander, 5-foot-11, 175 lb., Cornerback, Immokalee, FL. High School: Willis is a long shot, Alexander is even bigger stretch, but with a guy this talented if he is willing to keep you on his list, you have to give it everything you have to land this kid. He will be playing in the Army All-American Bowl, and has the skill set to be a 4 year starter. The teams to beat are Texas A&M, Florida and Georgia.

9. Shelton Gibson, 6-foot-1, 175 lb., Wide Receiver,  Cleveland Heights, OH. High School: Maybe the most underrated player left on Nebraska’s board. Yes, he is a top 150 recruit in the country, but Nebraska has a legit shot at landing this guy. He will also be playing in the Army All-American Bowl and I really think Nebraska is a dark horse in this race. The team to beat Kentucky.

10. Terrell Newby, 5-foot-10, 180 lb.,  Running Back, West Hills, CA. Chaminade High School: The Huskers have already landed 1 running back in this class in Adam Taylor out of Katy, Texas. Newby would be a great addition, and set Nebraska up with a stable of backs that can all produce with Taylor Newby and current freshman running back, Imani Cross. The team to beat, Oregon .

By Jimmie Allen

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