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Nebraska enters the last week of the regular season at 9-2 (6-1), and in the driver seat of the Big 10 Legends Division. It’s simple beat 4-7 Iowa, and play Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship. Here are your questions for this week’s Heroes Game, and the rest of the regular season.

Ben T.

Nebraska has had several guys returning punts this season. Why do they rotate so many guys, and who do you think is the best option to return kicks?

Well, I can tell you that at practice on Monday four guys practiced returning kicks. I truly believe that Ros Els will not be the Special teams coach next season. I think he has had some rocky spots in his first year in the roll. I think Nebraska needs to go get someone from outside the program to lead this unit since John Papuchis is now the defensive coordinator. I think the best option to return kicks is Jamal Turner, I don’t think Tim Marlowe has any business returning kicks. If there was more reliable depth at running back, I would say sophomore running back Ameer Abdullah would be the best option, but he is too valuable at the running back spot.

Greg L.

I read somewhere that Nebraska landed a verbal commitment from a big time running back, what do you know about him?

Yes, Nebraska received a verbal commitment from 4 star running back Adam Taylor out of Katy Texas. Taylor visited Nebraska during the Penn State game, and has been said to have really enjoyed his time in Lincoln. I do not know much about the kid, but we are trying to set up an interview with him for Friday night. I have watched his highlight tape, and if I had to compare him to a back in the NFL, it would be Ray Rice. He has great lower body strength and is a very patient runner.

Tom F.

Where do you think Nebraska Iowa ranks among the Big 10 rivalries?

I really don’t think it is even in the top 10. It is the newest rivalry in a conference that includes Michigan v. Ohio State, Michigan v. Michigan State, Purdue v. Indiana, Wisconsin v. Minnesota and much more. I really don’t think this rivalry means anything until Iowa beats Nebraska. The Hawkeyes are a few years away from being competitive again. This game will not matter nationally until there is a Legends Division Championship on the line for both teams.

Derek K.

I was listening to your radio show, and you said that more Iowa defenders caught passes than Hawkeye receivers, was that true, or were you just making fun of Iowa?

That was not true.  Kevonte Martin-Manley had his 2nd catch with less than 2 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. He was the only Iowa receiver to catch a pass Saturday. So Iowa receiver – not plural – had 2 receptions, Iowa defensive back had 1 interception. Sorry for the mistake, it will never happen again. So to answer the question you really wanted to ask, yes we should fear Iowa’s receiving core, and yes that was sarcasm.

Frank Z.

If Nebraska makes the Rose Bowl who will they play?

There is the million dollar question. If/when Nebraska beats Iowa on Saturday, they will take on the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big 10 Championship game. If they win that game they will take on the winner of the PAC 12 Championship. At this time, Stanford is the leader in the North Division, tied with Oregon, but Stanford holds the tie breaker. So if Stanford beats UCLA on Saturday, they get a rematch with the Bruins in the PAC 12 Championship game, and Nebraska would play the winner of that game. Now, if Stanford losses, and Oregon wins the Civil War with Oregon State, it will be a UCLA v. Oregon PAC 12 Championship Game. In that case, I see Oregon winning and playing in the Rose Bowl. If it’s Stanford and UCLA, I see it being the Cardinal that represent the PAC 12, and I think that is a very winnable game for the Huskers.

By Jimmie Allen

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