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There are just two weeks left in the regular season of college football. Nebraska is in the driver seat of the Legends Division. With a Nebraska win on Saturday, and a Michigan loss, Nebraska will clench a spot in Indianapolis. Both teams currently have only 1 Big 10 loss. Nebraska holds the tie breaker because they have the head to head win over the Wolverines. Here are your questions regarding this week, and the rest of the season.

Nate C. 

Nebraska won the turnover battle against Penn State. Do you think this is a sign of things to come, or do you think it was a one time thing?

I think the reason this defense is starting to cause turnovers is because their form tackling has improved. If you look at that first forced fumble caused by Alonzo Whaley in the first quarter of the Penn State game, he got low, wrapped up, and got his hands on the ball. We have never seen him, or really anyone on this defense do that consistently. Ever since that Ohio State loss this defense has played sound, fundamental defense. I think this is a sign of things to come.

Doug U. 

Why does Braylon Heard only get a handful of plays each game? I like the way he runs. 

I love Braylon Heard’s running style as well. I think he has more than earned at least 10 carries a game. I don’t know if Heard just hasn’t grasped the playbook, or what the problem is, but I think both Heard and Abdullah are potential stars on an All-American level. Next year I think they will be closer to an even split in carries. Imani Cross will be the short yardage back, even though I think Abdullah, and Heard are both very capable of picking up short yardage. The exciting thing is their is a lot of depth in Lincoln at running back. Next season there will be a redshirt freshman running back named King Frazier, he will be another kid to keep an eye on. He has made a lot of noise on the scout team.

Derek K.

Is there any reason to be afraid of Minnesota, or Iowa? 

Well it is college football, and you lose to teams by over looking them, and I really don’t think this team or coaching staff is over looking anyone. Despite their records I really think Iowa is the more scary team. Minnesota is already bowl eligible and have really gone as far as they really can. They will come to play on Saturday, and are going to try to win, but to me Iowa will have a lot more to gain, and they get Nebraska at home. I don’t think Nebraska has anything to be scared of, but both of these teams are coming to upset Nebraska.

Tara A. 

I heard that Rex Burkhead could play against Minnesota on Saturday, do you think we see him? 

Bo Pelini said in his press conference on Monday that Rex could play, and it kills him to not play. With that being said, I really don’t think this coaching staff plays Rex till the Iowa game at the earliest. Sophomore running back Ameer Abdullah has racked up over 100 yards in four straight games, so it’s not like Nebraska is really hurting with out Burkhead.

Shawn T. 

If Nebraska wins out, and makes the Rose Bowl, who will they play? 

If Oregon wins out and plays for the National Championship, like everyone thinks they will, No. 14 Stanford, and No. 16  Oregon State will more than likely drop out of the BCS top 14, because they are Oregon States last two opponents. To get a BCS at large bid, you have to be in the top 14. of the BCS. So the Big 10 winner will more than likely play a non-Pac 12 school. So if things stay the way they are now and Oregon and K-State finish the season undefeated, the Rose Bowl will more than likely jump at the opportunity to grab Notre Dame. So the Rose Bowl could very likely be Nebraska vs. Notre Dame.

William S. 

Brett Maher has had a lot of problems this season, what do you think the issue has been with him?

Well, Nebraska Defensive Coordinator John Papuchis has been the special teams coach for the last 5 years. Linebacker coach, Ross Els has taken over as the Special Teams Coordinator this season, and may have switched up a few things Maher has done in the past. With some of the struggles Nebraska has had on special teams this season it really wouldn’t surprise me to see some changes with the special teams coaching staff.

Tim K. 

Why has Nebraska had to come back so much this season, and do you think they can continue to win like that? 

I really don’t see anyway Nebraska trails against either Iowa or Minnesota, so I don’t think it will continue. When they get into stiffer competition they can not afford to continue to be down double digits and expect to continuously win. The offenses really hasn’t seemed to be in rhythm in the first half of their last four games. I think that falls solely  on offensive coordinator Tim Beck. I think coach Beck will need to do a better job scouting defenses when Nebraska gets to whichever bowl game they are selected for.


*Wide receiver Tim Marlowe sat out of practice for the third day in row, he is still battling a shoulder injury.

*Freshman defensive tackle, Aaron Curry has been banged up, but is reported to be back in the mix soon.

*Senior running back Rex Burkhead practiced for the third straight day on Wednesday.

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