Frazier A Casualty Of Absurd Rule


Thirty three wins with only three losses. Two national championships in consecutive years. Runner up for the Heisman Trophy, two bowl game MVP honors to accompany the championships, and All-American honors by eight different organizations in his senior year. This is Tommie Frazier’s College Football Hall of Fame resume.

The former Husker quarterback was passed up for the second year in a row, because of a rule stating that players from the same school cannot be inducted in consecutive classes.


Last year, former Husker offensive lineman Will Shields earned his spot in the hall. Shields, who may be the most dominant lineman in Nebraska history, deserved the honor of joining the immortals of the NCAA.

How is it that Tommy Frazier, the best of the best, still waits to join the elite in the College Football Hall of Fame?

This is the equivalent of Joe Montana having to wait for induction because Jerry Rice was inducted the previous season. No rhyme or reason, other than wanting to be fair to other teams and their great players. This is an example of Political Correctness gone horribly wrong.

Not to take anything away from those who were inducted this year, but how can the Hall justify inducting Rice quarterback Tommy Kramer (1973-1976), but not Frazier?

Tommy Frazier is the Mohammed Ali of college football. He is “The Greatest.” He is the measuring stick to which no quarterback has been able to reach since he left the game. He did not lose after his sophomore season.  Frazier’s Huskers are the last team to win back to back consensus (AP and ESPN/USA Today) national titles. Those victories were over teams that were, “unbeatable” in the eyes of the mainstream media. Perhaps the Hall should ask former Miami defensive lineman Warren Sapp is Frazier belongs. Then again, Sapp may still be sucking on those oxygen tanks from the 1995 Orange Bowl.

Frazier is not alone when it comes to former Huskers left in the cold. Trev Alberts and Eric Crouch are also waiting to gain much deserved recognition. With the current format, my guess would be that Alberts will have to wait for 2015, and Crouch 2017.

No other Hall of Fame  has restricts entry unless the player is not eligible due to time away from the game or cheating. Why would they want to? What kind of organization prohibits greatness?

The College Football Hall Of Fame needs to take another look at their rules if they want any credibility. Until next year, the King of College Football is sitting outside, waiting to sit in his seat at the head of the table.

By John Ackeren

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