Did Brook Berringer’s Success Hurt Tommie Frazier’s Hall of Fame Chances


It is border line criminal for Tommie Frazier to be snubbed out of the College Football Hall of Fame. Frazier was the quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers from 1992-1995. Many publications have listed the 95′ Huskers the best team of all the time in college football. Frazier, undoubtedly the best player on that team, and questionably the greatest college football player of all time. Yet he has been passed up, year after year for the College Football Hall of Fame.

Husker Corner staff writer, John Ackeren posted on HuskerCorner.com earlier today, due to the fact that former Husker great Will Shields being inducted in the 2011 Hall of Fame class, Frazier must wait 2 years. So “Touchdown Tommie” will be eligible for the 2013 class. That’s perfectly understandable, and not the worst rule in the world, but what has taken so long?

In the 1994 Brook Berringer started seven games for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Frazier was sidelined with blood clots in his leg.  In the starting roll Berringer completed 94 of 151 passes (62%) for 1,295 yards, 10 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. In 94 Nebraska reached its’ second straight National Championship Game.

After Byron Bennett’s 45-yard field goal attempt sailed wide left in the final second of Nebraska’s 18-16 loss to Florida State in the 93 National Championship Game.  Berringer was a big part of the Huskers returning to the title game in 94. He also played a part in the Huskers defeating the Miami Hurricanes, and claiming their first National Title sing 1971.

In 95 Berringer filled in for time for Frazier in the regular season, and saw playing time in Nebraska’s blow out of Steve Spurrier’s Florida Gators.

Did Berringer’s success damage Fraizer’s legacy? No one doubts Frazier’s ability. He had the greatest run in college football history against Florida in the 95 National Championship Game. He holds numbers of school records, and yes Coach Spurrier, he just scored again.

Nebraska barley lost a step with out him on the filed, and Berringers untimely death brought more attention to the Scottsbluff native, and put Frazier somewhat on the back burner. Berringer was one of the highest touted high school quarterbacks in the country when he came to Lincoln, and undoubtedly earned playing time.

A lot of people say that Eddie George’s Heisman win in 95 was the biggest robbery in college football history. But, Frazier did miss three games, and Berringer did fill in, and filled in well for the Huskers.

There is no doubt that Frazier will eventually get in to the Hall of Fame, but Husker fans may never know why he has had to wait so long. Was it Berringer’s success? George beating him for the Heisman? His blood clot? Maybe Frazier never playing in the NFL? Regardless the answer if Frazier is not inducted in 2013, Husker Nation can direct away from George’s Heisman and focus all of their cries for a citizen’s arrest to the Hall of Fame.

Frazier left Nebraska with a record of 33-3. He completed 49.1% of his passes, for 4,003 yards, and 47 touchdowns. He helped lead the power rushing attack in Lincoln with 386 carries for 3,521 yards, and 43 rushing touchdowns.

By Jimmie Allen

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