Mechanics Not The Only Thing To Measure On Martinez


Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

This is Nebraska, where excellence has traditionally been expected by fans of the Scarlet and Cream. Nebraska, a place where forty three conference championships, five national titles, and three Heisman Trophy’s reside. Nebraska, where one of the nations most passionate fan bases critique every play, live and breathe Husker football, and are not afraid to voice their concerns if a player has not lived up to Husker Nation standards.

Junior Quarterback Taylor Martinez has often been a target of criticism from “The Children of the Corn.”

His throwing motion is more of a shot put than a drop back pass. To call his footwork amateur would be quite an understatement. Everyone can see that Martinez exhibits major concerns when it comes to the mechanics of being a quarterback.

Martinez will be working on mechanical issues with Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous Football Camp.

There are other issues that face the third year starter. Husker Corner breaks down the three most important improvements that Taylor Martinez must make in 2012.

1) Leadership
Martinez must become the leader of the Husker offense. While RB Rex Burkhead is a very valuable member of Nebraska’s offense, Taylor Martinez has take complete ownership of the huddle, locker room, and the press.
His statements about wanting to win a BCS Title are a sign of progress, but he needs to take more accountability when Nebraska struggles.

2) Maturity
Taylor Martinez has to start making better choices on the field. The argument of him still being a young quarterback is no longer valid. He is an upperclassman now, and his decisions with the football need to reflect that. Throwing into double coverage or taking off with the ball without checking all of the routes cannot continue.

3) Desire To Win
In order to be the quarterback at The University Of Nebraska, above all else, you must possess the desire to win. Losing should not be an option.

I am not suggesting that Nebraska should never lose a game, or that when they do it’s all on Taylor’s shoulders. I am suggesting that when they lose, Martinez should take it personally. He should play with pride, and understand that he is playing for more than his coaches and teammates.

This is Nebraska, where college football is a way of life. Win or lose, if Martinez can prove he is a mature leader with the desire to win, he will gain the respect of fans who bleed Husker Red.

The keys to the future of Husker football are in the hands of Taylor Martinez. Mechanics might keep the program moving, but the intangibles will determine how far Taylor Martinez can take it.