Josh Banderas Talking Commitment To Nebraska


FanSided 150 member Josh Banderas committed to Nebraska on April 14. The four star linebacker  said that it was the only thing that felt right.

“When I committed to Nebraska I knew it was the right thing to do,” Banderas said. “The being at home feeling was the major factor. I have been at the stadium so many times. Its an advantage for me. I can go there any time I want. I can get a head start by being around the program as much as I can”

Banderas is the son of former Husker tight end Tom Banderas.

“My dad played there, and wanted me to go to Nebraska from day one,” Banderas said. “He said from day one, he knew this was possible. Here we are. We  finally got it done. It was a great day for my family.”

The number 96 player in the country said that, it was a great moment for his family, and an even more special moment for himself.

“I kind of knew I was going to commit before we went down there,” Banderas said of his trip to the Nebraska spring game. “Coach Pelini offered me face to face, so I felt like I had to commit face to face. I think he kind of expected it, but he played it cool. I had talked to him for like 30 minutes, and we were about to leave. Then I brought my dad into the room.We were saying goodbye, and  I brought up that I wanted to play for him and that I was committing. He was just caught off guard, and said that it was awesome.”

As far as being active in the recruitment of other 2013 recruits, Banderas said he started right after, he committed.

“I have talked to all of the current recruits, and I have talked to a few uncommitted guys,” Banderas said.”Two minutes after I left coach Pelini’s office I went and talked to Courtney Love, who is now committed. I talk to him and AJ Natter almost every day. I sent them a link to the Journal Star story after they committed, and told them they were a big deal.  They thought it was awesome that so many people know who they were, and that they were in a news paper article.”

As for what he wants Husker Nation to know, he had a pretty clear meassage about how soon he plans on seeing the field.

“Be ready for 2013,” Banderas said.

By Jimmie Allen

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