Huskers in the NFL Draft (Surprise Picks/Free Agents)


The 2012 NFL Draft begins Thursday with the first round, followed by subsequent rounds Friday and Saturday. Husker Corner breaks down the likely rounds former Huskers will be drafted. Now we look at potential undrafted free agents.

  • Jermarcus “Yoshi” Hardrick – OT
    Yoshi has a massive 6’4”, 331-pound frame that gives him a nice skeleton to succeed at left tackle if he could cut some excess weight. Unfortunately, his experience as a starter is limited, and he lacked composure at times while at Nebraska. One upside for Hardrick is his toughness, which should help him hang tough with NFL defensive ends on the practice squad until he can earn a spot on a game roster. There is a chance that he sneaks into the draft in the seventh round, but it isn’t likely.
    Projection: Undrafted Free Agent
  • Terrence Moore – DT
    Moore never really earned a starting spot in Nebraska’s defensive front. For the most part, he acted as a top backup. This doesn’t mean that he can’t make it in the NFL, but teams won’t ignore that fact either. Moore is a bit undersized for a defensive tackle in the NFL, and lacks the speed to move to defensive end. Being stuck in limbo between two positions could bode well for Moore, giving him the choice to either bulk up for defensive tackle or work on speed to move to end. However, right now he doesn’t fit anywhere immediately, and likely won’t find a place in the draft. Still, Nebraska has a good reputation and Moore’s strong work ethic should land him a spot on a roster by the preseason.
    Projection: Undrafted Free Agent
  • Austin Cassidy – S
    Cassidy has an uphill battle ahead of him. The former walk-on is used to earning his way onto a team. The former high school quarterback walked on to Nebraska, then earned a scholarship as a safety, eventually earning a starting spot. Now he has to earn a spot on an NFL roster. His speed and size aren’t ideal, but at safety those things aren’t the end of the world. As long as he can improve his speed and grasp defensive schemes, he could find a home on an NFL roster.
    Projection: Undrafted Free Agent

By Chris Peters

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