What We Learned/Questions that Remain from Spring Camp (Offense)


Nebraska football is all wrapped up in the public eye until fall camp. Media access is at a standstill and the only thing left to do until fall is speculate.

Husker Corner breaks down what we learned in spring ball and the questions that remain as we head into the dead period of college football. We start with the offense.

What We Learned

  • Rex can’t do it all – Nebraska’s featured back, Rex Burkhead, can’t be a one-man show come fall. Even though Burkhead manned most of the carries in 2011, the coaches obviously don’t want to burn out their star rusher. This spring, coaches devoted most of the reps at running back to Aaron Green and Ameer Abdullah, desperate to fine-tune some relief rushers for Rex.
  • The offensive line is still a work-in-progress – With three starters graduating from the offensive line, it’s no secret that big changes need to take place. Although a number of players return starting experience, coaches still found the need to shift players to new positions, seemingly to spark some competition and growth. Andrew Rodriguez and Ryne Reeves, both elite in-state recruits entering Nebraska, moved positions this spring.
  • Taylor Martinez is the guy – For the first time in years, there was no quarterback controversy to talk about in spring camp. Coaches spoke  confidently about Martinez, and while they complimented Brion Carnes’ growth, it was clear that Martinez has the keys to the offense.

Questions that Remain

  • Why did Andrew Rodriguez move to tackle? – Some coaches said that it was because they felt like Rodriguez was a better fit there. Some players implied that Seung Hoon Choi simply beat Rodriguez in camp, and coaches moved Rodriguez to tackle to put the best talent on the field. Or perhaps it was because Jeremiah Sirles is slacking and coaches wanted to find a replacement for him. Either way, the move was mysterious and coaches and players alike gave out very few reliable answers.
  • Who will start at Fullback and who will back up Rex? – The backfield was the story of spring camp on the offensive side, but very few questions were actually answered. It appears as though Mike Marrow could be inching closer to locking down the starting fullback role, but Aaron Green and Ameer Abdullah are still neck-and-neck for the top backup role at running back. It may take until September to know who the guy will be.
  • Who will step up at wide receiver? – Kenny Bell looks like he’s the top guy on the Nebraska squad. However, fans and media alike kept an eye open for an emerging playmaker. However, nobody seemed to emerge. Jamal Turner was banged up and Quincy Enunwa was inconsistent in the one practice open to the media. The Huskers are beginning to turn things around in the passing game, and many were optimistic that playmakers would emerge. But for now, it looks like it will have to be a wait-and-see for the answer to that question.

By Chris Peters

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