Missouri Native Sees Huskers, and Leaves Impressed


Kansas City, MO. Rockhurst High School offensive tackle, Zach Hannon visited Nebraska this weekend. He caught one of the Husker’s spring practices, and was very impressed with everything he saw.

“I had a good time,” Hannon said. “I traveled down there with Michael Rose, and Tony Lashley.Mike’s a good friend of mine . We all got up there about 1:30. When we got there I went to a meeting with the linemen right away with Coach Cotton. We watched film for about 30 minutes.  Then we went to practice.”

Michael Rose is a linebacker commit of the 2012 class. He will be enrolling at NU  in the fall. Hannon said that Rose being in Lincoln is good for Nebraska, but won’t be a huge force in his decision.

“Michael Rose is one of the top recruiters at Nebraska,” Hannon said with a laugh. ” He has been in my ear, telling me things that are the truth, you know just being honest with me, not forcing me or anything else. There isn’t much he can say to me that I don’t already know. I love Nebraska football. I love how the whole state is involved. How many schools can you go to with 300 plus sell outs in a row?  Mike Rose is a good friend of mine, and I can tell you he will continue to stay in my ear.”

The 6-foot-5, 190 lb. linemen  moved on to the practice field after meeting some Husker player. He was blown away by what he saw on the practice field.

“Practices was upbeat, high tempo, and aggressive,” Hannon said. “I liked how the offensive, and defensive lines fight durring practice. I believe that’s how it’s supposed to be. They were overly aggressive, and just kept fighting. That really caught my eye. I think you have to practice how you play, if you want to win.”

Aside from the aggressive play of the lines, the three star prospect said he liked the similarities he saw in the Husker offense, and the offense his own team runs.

“I like the style of offense they run.” Hannon said. “It is similar to what we do at Ruckhurst. We both run a lot of no huddle.  They pull a lot, and I love pulling. I can see my self fitting in real well there in that offense.”

Hannon holds offers from 9 schools around the country, and has narrowed down his choices to handful of schools.

I guess I have kind of narrowed it down,” Hannon said. “Nebraska is there of course, K-state, and Arkansas. I was at Oklahoma on Friday. They have not offered yet. At first OU told me they wanted 3 offensive tackle. They wanted a couple 6-foot-7 guys, and I am not that tall. I am more of a guard’s size.  I am getting recruited as a guard by most schools, but Oklahoma said it looks good for an offer.  So if I get that offer I would put Oklahoma on my list, but not as like a favorite or anything.”

Hannon had not been informed that coach Bobby Petrino had been let go by Arkansas, and was a little taken back when asked if that would effect his decision.

“Wow, I didn’t know coach Petrino had been let go,” Hannon said. “I never got to talk to coach Petrino, so that’s not a huge deal to me. I just really like their program.  If coach Paul Petrino is still there I will be interested in them still. If the whole staff switches up, I don’t know if I have to get reoffered or what. So if the whole staff changes, I guess I would take them off my short list.”

There are 2 coaches in Lincoln, that are in charge of Hannon’s recruitment. Co offensive line coaches John Garrison, and Barney Cotton.

“Coach Garrison, and Coach Cotton are my recruiting coaches,” Hannon said. “I have talked to coach Pelini a couple times. The first time I saw Nebraska was two weeks ago. I had a one on one talk with coach Cotton. I like him a lot off the field, as much as I do on the field. Yesterday was the first time I met coach Garrison face to face. We talked over the phone, and on Facebook. I like the way they both coach. On a personal level I think they are great people off the field as well.”

Hannon is a two sport athlete, he also plays lacrosse to keep in shape for football.

I have been playing lacrosse since third grade,” Hannon said. “We took a tough loss tonight, but I scored two goals so it’s all good. I really don’t plan on playing lacrosse in college, so I don’t care if a school doesn’t have a lacrosse program. It’s just something I do for fun.”

By Jimmie Allen 

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