Tom Osborne Talks About Safety Issues At Penn State


With the firing of legendary Joe Paterno on Tuesday. Penn State has ordered there to be extra security on the field for both teams. Tom Osborne addressed the media after Thursday nights practice.

“A lot of people have inquired about security, so we’ve talked to their interim athletic director, and he’s assured us that there will be additional security in the stadium,” Osborne said. “With an 11 o’clock kickoff, I think things will be fine. I know there is some student activity to try to make sure that Nebraska fans are treated well. We’ll see how that works out, but at least they’re making that initiative.”

Osborne seemed sure that all security measures would be taken. “As far as we can tell we’ve done everything we can, and I think Penn State people have done everything they can, so we feel relatively good about things. ” Osborne said. “I think those fans going there (Penn State) will be OK. I can’t guarantee anything because when you’re dealing with a large crowd and somewhat of a different situation there are no guarantees. On the other hand I think from what I know, the proper steps have been taken.”

Osborne said he was asked if the game was being considered to be canceled.  He said that they considered moving people to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, but never actually canceled.

“That would have been really hard,” Osborne said. “110,000 people, and if you moved it to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, you’re looking at 60,000-70,000 seats. So that would’ve been pretty awkward with short notice. I don’t think that was ever seriously considered, but I really don’t know what all they thought about out there. We just had a very brief conversation this morning, and they’ve had their hands full.”

Osborne was asked about the safety of Nebraska fans, and if he was concerned after the riots in Happy Valley. “I wouldn’t say they shouldn’t (wear red), but if you have a red sweater or red shirt on, that’s great,”  Osborne said “Probably most people have a winter coat that’s not red, so if they want to wear that it might not be a bad idea.”

“I just don’t know if it’s a good idea in this circumstance to stand out, but I’m pretty sure, about 99 percent sure,  that this is going to be pretty much like a normal game,” Osborne said. “You’re not going to be treated any different there than you would any place else. That’s just my instinct, but then again, I guess you can’t promise. There’s nothing sure.”

Osborne said he has not talked to Joe Paterno yet, but does plan on calling him later this week.

By Jimmie Allen