Nebraska’s Next Big Junior College Linebacker


6-foot-1 215 lbs outside linebacker Zaire Anderson from Riverside Community college in Riverside, California commited to Nebraska back on October 20th.

“Before they started recruiting me I knew a lot about Nebraska actually,” Anderson said. “I heard they were known for their defense, and I heard a lot about the Blackshirt tradition. It just sounded cool.”

The standout at Riverside has recorded 79 tackles, 16 for loss, 8 sacks and recovered one fumble for one touchdown this season. ” My team is 9-0, and fourth in the nation in the JC ranks,” Anderson said. ” We can’t make the playoffs this year because our school can’t qualify. We have traditionaly been in a lower division that wasn’t allowed to make the playoffs since all the schools in that division weren’t winning a lot. We are still in that division so we can’t qualify for the playoffs. They will be able to qualify next year though. The school is moving to a different division.”

Anderson plans on attending the Nebraska Iowa game on November 25. “When I make it up to Lincoln the thing I want to see the most is the fans,” Anderson said. “I heard there are a lot of die heard Nebraska fans. I wanted to make it to the Iowa game because I heard thats going to be a really big Rivalry for us. It should be a good exciting game.

As far as the other reasons Anderson wants to see a certain Husker in action. “I want to see Lavonte David in person,” Anderson said. “I haven’t talked to any of the players on the team, but I want to see him. He is a real good player.”

Anderson is currently being recruited by defensive coordinator Carl Pelini, and was able to talk to linebackers coach Ross Els on Monday night.

“I talked to coach Carl, and coach Els right before this interview,” Anderson said. “We talked about the upsetting loss to Northwestern, and they told me about how they are going to get everything right. I watched the game, it was a good game. We went over about where I fit in, in their system, stuff like that.”

Anderson said the coaches haven’t promised playing time, but did say that he already looked like he could fit into their system early.