Keys To Victory


Get To the Edge

For the Huskers offense to win this game, Nebraska will need to expose Wisconsin’s lack of speed. A lot of quarterback Taylor Martinez’s big plays have came when he got around the tight end, and got out in space.

Martinez doesn’t have to many moves to make someone miss. So if Wisconsin breaks the contain and lets Taylor beat them to the edge, this could be a long night for the Badgers defense.

Play Assignment Football

Wisconsin is a rare bread of team. They have play makers at every level of the offense. They average 322 lbs on the offensive line. They have a quarterback who is completing 75% of his passes in Russel Wilson, and a combination of two running backs who have accounted for 663 yards and 12 touchdowns in four games. On top of all that they have senior wide out, Nick Toon who is averaging 16.8 yards a catch, and has 5 touchdowns in 2011. The Blackshirt’s will need to keep a hat on a hat, and keep the Badgers play makers in front of them. Jared Crick and company will have to give the Huskers linebackers opportunitys to get in the back field, and hit Wilson as often as possible.  Nebraska’s cornerbacks have struggled this year, but for the first time Nebraska will have defensive tackle Jared Crick, linebacker Lavonte David, and cornerback Alfonzo Dennard all on the field at the same time this season. All three were preseason All-American’s. All three will have to play up to the hype to keep the Badgers out of the end zone.

Get Everyone Involved In the Running Game

Nebraska has three very talented freshmen running backs in Aaron Green, Ameer Abdulah and Braylon Heard. They need to get them involved in the offense. Green and Abdulah are almost ungaurdable in space. Heard is a big back that can run between the tackles. Junior Rex Burkhead has carried most of the load for the Huskers at the running back position. Burkhead had 15 carries for 150 yards and two touchdowns last week against Wyoming. He will not be able to carry the load against a big strong defense like Wisconsin. Getting all four backs involved in the game will also take pressure and the focus off quarterback Taylor Martinez.

Win the Kicking Game

With a kicker with a leg like Nebraska’s junior Brett Maher, the Huskers can control field position. Nebraska would obviously like to score touchdowns tonight, but if they can get into Wisconsin territory Maher can put it between the uprights.

In the return game Ameer Abdulah has been the biggest surprise of the season. He has averaged 42.5 yards per kick off return, and scored one touchdown.

With Maher kicking it, and Abdulah returning it, Nebraska can control the special teams aspect of the game.