Big 12 College Basketball Power Rankings


Despite the circus coverage of signing day in College Football yesterday, it is clearly all about College Basketball season right now. I know I’m supposed to care about the signing day shenanigans, but I don’t. I can’t. I won’t.

For those that care, Nebraska did sign a helluva Defensive Tackle apparently. Good news for that guy, he’ll probably be the best Defensive Tackle in the country in 3 years. That’s about as far as my recruiting analysis goes (although I still might try and post some thoughts in the near future, who knows).

What I am fully embracing right now is the College Basketball season, in particular the Big 12 Conference, where two teams are beginning to run away with things, while the rest of the league is left treading water. Sounds like it’s time to throw down some rankings, along with a thought or two, and their projected NCAA Tournament seeding (not as of now, but instead, what they will be) or other postseason destination.

1. Texas Longhorns (7-0) – Undefeated in the conference without a single game against a ranked opponent remaining on the schedule (toughest road games are at Colorado, Nebraska, and Baylor). This Texas team could very well finish undefeated in the conference and end the Jayhawks’ 6-year run atop the Big 12 (although to be fair, the Longhorns did split with KU in 2006 and 2008). Absolutely cremated Texas A&M in College Station earlier this week. 1 Seed.

2. Kansas Jayhawks (6-1) – Really wanted to put KU #1 on this list (and would have if their loss to UT had been in Austin or if Texas had a loss on their resume). The Jayhawks were the victims of some unfortunate timing by playing Texas the night after learning the news of Thomas Robinson’s mom passing away. Paired with the emotional beginning to the game, the team simply just ran out of gas. However, I’d put a large sum of money on KU if they meet in the Big 12 Tournament. For further analysis on the Jayhawks check out my home-blog by clicking here. I got KU dropping another game, and without many quality wins, I believe KU falls to a 2 seed.

3. Texas A&M Aggies (4-3) – The drop off from 2 to 3 on this list is substantial. While the Longhorns and Jayhawks share a combined 8-0 conference record on the road, the Aggies are tied for the 3rd best conference record on the road: 1-2! The good news is that they’ve already got both Texas beatdowns out of the way. The gooder news is that Mark Turgeon knows how to win in the NCAA Tournament. 6 seed.

4. Missouri Tigers (3-4) – Part of the inclusive “undefeated at home, winless on the road” club of the Big 12. At that rate, they should be finishing at 8-8 right? With a few solid non-con wins, the Tigers, and their always dangerous style (especially in a one game setting), are headed for a 5 seed.

5. Colorado Buffaloes (4-4) – Owners of the best conference win of teams ranked 3-12 (@Kansas St). Also played Kansas tough when KU brought their B+ game. The Buffaloes deploy two dynamic wing scorers in Corey Higgins and, the most underrated player in the Big 12, Kansas City homeboy, Alec Burks (held to single digits only one time this year). With a few terrible non-con losses (16 point loss to Harvard?), the Buffs are most likely headed for the NIT.

6. Kansas State Wildcats (3-5) – Hard to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong for the Wildcats this year, but no possible explanation bodes well for Frank M. Bison. Obviously, the loss of Denny Clemente has hurt them, although they may be equally affected by the loss of Dominique Sutton. They really lack an identity right now, and some of that blame has to fall on Jacob Pull-out’s shoulders. Speaking of which, if Pull-out follows through on his statement to not play in the NIT, that would be the salliest move of the year this side of Jay Cutler. If they get to 9-7 in the conference, they’ll make the Tournament, but I think they go 8-8 and squeak in with an 11 seed.

7. Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-4) – Another member of the “undefeated at home, winless on the road” club. Tough to say whether this reflects poorly on the conference as a whole, or positively on the home arena environments in the conference. Got to sit down and watch the Huskers in action last night for one of the few times this year, and lets just say they didn’t pass the eye test. They couldn’t buy a bucket in the first half once K-State switched to a zone defense. The Huskers’ postseason hopes might be on the line on Saturday, when they host the #2 ranked Kansas Jayhawks. I don’t like they’re chances, and believe this team is headed to the NIT.

8. Baylor Bears (4-4) – Is it me or does Baylor’s team never look interested? Maybe it’s just LaceDarius’ non-jumpshot that gives off that perception. It’s a good thing for Baylor that K-State has been so terrible, or else they’d be the most disappointing team in the Big 12. This team, once destined for the Big Dance, will now have to settle for the NIT.

9. Oklahoma State Cowboys (3-5) – Led by the little piglet that is Keiton Page, the Cowboys are yet another team that can threaten you at home, but are incapable of winning on the road. This team bores me….CBI.

10. Oklahoma Sooners (4-3) – Amazingly the Sooners have rattled of 4 straight wins. Unspectacularly, those wins came against Texas Tech, Colorado, Iowa St, and Baylor. No postseason.

11. Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-5) – Somehow, the Red Raiders have won a conference road game (Iowa St). Ironically, every player on the team shares the last name ‘Red Raiders.’ No postseason.

12. Iowa State Cyclones (1-7) – Held a pretty good record until conference season started. Maybe Auburn should hire their coach and win a National Championship. No postseason.