Florida Atlantic vs. Nebraska: Five Players To Watch

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There’ll be 11 players on Tom Osborne field for both Florida Atlantic and Nebraska this Saturday (at least there should be). A number of question marks riddle both teams.

Florida Atlantic

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

That said, there are some players who could bust the game wide open and that’s who we’re going to focus on.

Both squads have the ability to not only hinder the strengths of the other’s, but also the capability of botching their own chances to succeed.

Obviously, Nebraska’s going to have to do the latter quite a bit more than the Owls for FAU to truly have a shot at the upset.

If the parliament of invaders (that’s what a group of owls is called, look it up) from Boca Raton managed to knock off the Huskers, it’d be the first time since 1985 such an event occurred.

For those too young to remember, the Florida State Seminoles came in to swipe the smiles from the Big Red faithful, but enough talk of the past. Here are your Fab Five to watch for this Saturday.

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