The Five Huskers Who Can't Afford Injuries

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Joe Flannigan-Albion News

What a fun first few practices for the Nebraska football team.

Three likely defensive starters gone in LeRoy Alexander, Michael Rose-Ivey and Charles Jackson. As if that wasn’t enough, running back Adam Taylor breaks his ankle.

It appears Bo Pelini’s pulled the emergency lever as Tommy Armstrong’s now in a green no contact jersey, players significant to the Huskers’ success are sitting out of practice and the vibe is one of walking on eggshells.

While a sign’s being installed that reads “Days Without A Season-Ending Injury” with appropriate room for numbers, there are some guys that simply can’t go down.

Well, they can. Injuries are part of the game, after all. A more appropriate way to put it would be if they go down, the Big Red’s chances of obtaining their goals go with them. Send good thoughts to the following five players.

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