Husker Football: Top 5 Breakout Seasons That Add Wins In '14

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The next season of Husker football is almost upon us, but all college football fans have reached the absolute worst part of the year: July. It’s as if time between lack of the sweet nectar of the sport they crave and refreshment is suddenly frozen.

While it’s going to take an entire month under the scorching summer sun for that ice to melt, the Big Red has five sledgehammers waiting in Lincoln.

This quintet offers the ability to help Nebraska bust out of its current malaise and charge towards a spot in the Big Ten Championship Game if used properly.

What good is presenting a tool without explaining its place? Talking about the Big Red Machine and how new gears and gadgets could help it run better’s great and all. What ultimately tells the tale is just how these new cogs fit.

Logically, Nebraska now looks like a team that could win anywhere from seven to nine games on autopilot. Should these pieces of the puzzle force their way into the spotlight, that number increases as a result.

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