Sep 21, 2013; Lincoln, NE, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers receiver Kenny Bell (80)leaves the field during the game against the South Dakota State Jackrabbits in the second quarter at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny Bell: Cornhuskers Senior WR Not A Fan Of Prime-Time

It seems Nebraska’s Kenny Bell is the exception to a rule. Playing in prime-time college football games is the goal of almost every high school and college player you’ll find. For Bell, this is apparently an inconvenience.

College Spun came across his reaction to BTN’s announcement to air two of the Cornhuskers’ games in prime-time. His reaction was…less than favorable.

No. 80′s certainly entitled to his opinion, but these are some curious comments to say the least.

While Bell’d rather get the action started at 11:00 a.m., this gives fans little time to tailgate, enjoy their satellite setups and spend time with friends or family before a weekend treat.

Not being able to do that is why several members of the fanbase abhor early kickoffs. Maybe Bell’s beef was with that one fan in particular, but what he said doesn’t set a good precedent.

Okay, so he’s not a fan of waiting around, but the biggest of stages are made for late night. The spotlights have to be set up to help the stars shine brightest.

Finally, later kickoffs are common sense for ideal recruiting.

If a prospect from halfway across the country has a later game and can’t make into Lincoln for an 11:00 a.m. kickoff, that’s bad enough. If he then can’t reschedule, Nebraska loses its only chance to make a first impression and gets cut from his list, it’s unacceptable.

Thanks to these main event contests, even if a prospect has a later Friday game, he has plenty of time for a proper welcome before the fun kicks off in Lincoln. Heck, even if there’s a flat tire or flight delay along the way, the chances of him arriving by kickoff increase exponentially.

Hopefully Bell didn’t forget the ABC/ESPN contests and two BTN bouts aren’t the only televised evening contests for the Huskers. There’s still that 9:30 P.M. start in Fresno.

If his jimmies continue to get rustled, we may see Fro fireworks before too long.

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  • FeitCanWrite

    Granted, I haven’t read all of the tweets to/from Kenny today, but this seems to be blown out of proportion.
    I don’t think Bell is saying “I don’t want fans to party all day long”, “I don’t care if Johnny Five-Star can make it in from California before kickoff.” or “I hate playing under the lights”.
    All I’m seeing from him (both in the tweets highlighted here and what I’ve seen on his timeline) are two main points:
    1) Sitting around in the team hotel waiting for a 7 pm kickoff sucks. Bell would prefer to lace ‘em up earlier in the day.
    2) Five night games (including that late kick off in Fresno) is more than he would prefer to have.
    That’s all. Nothing more.

    • Brandon Cavanaugh

      Well, no, he’s not saying that he doesn’t want fans to party all day
      long, make mention to recruits making it in or hating playing under the

      “no player likes waiting all day to play. Fans I can see why, drinking an fun all day. Yihoo for you. I sit in the hotel”

      going to have the opportunity to party (let’s not pretend that all
      members of the team go to bed at 1 A.M. on a Saturday Night. Playing under the lights is essentially the same thing. He’s doing something that takes up his time. Time that could be spent doing something else that he wants to do.

      As far as “I don’t care if Johnny Five-Star can make it in from California before kickoff.”, this IS important. How can Bell NOT care if the legacy that he’s allegedly trying to help build doesn’t get every recruiting advantage possible?

      If this poor mentality translates into poor gameplay, I’d be curious to see how often he remains on the field.