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Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: What Others Think Of Bo Pelini

Bo Pelini is a figure that polarizes Husker Nation. The Nebraska Cornhuskers coach is entering his sixth year, and debates take place daily on if he is the right man for the job.

I asked several writers from around the nation to give their opinions on  various topics involving Nebraska football. In the seventh and final installment of this feature I asked what they think of Bo Pelini. editor Mitch Harper:

Pelini is a no nonsense kind of coach, which I think is perfect for The Huskers.

I remember when I became a fan of Pelini. It was before the 2009 season opener against Florida Atlantic. ESPNU had Pelini on as part of their season preview show with all FBS coaches. Lowell Galindo asked Pelini about FAU burning The Nebraska “N” in the Owls’ weekly pep rally. Pelini simply answered, “I don’t care what fires are being burned. This game is going to be won between the lines.” I thought it was really funny because of how serious he was when he said it.

I don’t think people realize Pelini’s success since taking over in 2008. Three of the last four years he has won ten games. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Pelini and The Huskers in some BCS Bowls in the near future.

One thing you can always expect from Bo Pelini is a no nonsense approach. He is known for his candor, and just like Mitch, I appreciate it. Sure, you get coach speak from him, just like every other coach in the nation. It still beats the type of coach who makes excuses and says things for the sake of popularity.


Chris Flanagan of

I think Bo Pelini is the right coach for the Huskers. He might not have the talent on defense to compete with the big boys, but there is nothing wrong with 9-10 win seasons at a place like Nebraska.

Bo Pelini is supposed to be a defensive guru, something that we have not seen since Ndamukong Sue departed for the NFL. Bo needs to get things right defensively, and soon.

Again, 9-10 win seasons are a topic of conversation. In today’s world of college football, ten wins is a big deal. editor Joe Micik:

He’s a solid coach and I think his record during his time in Lincoln speaks for itself.  Nebraska has finished first or tied for first in their division four of his first five years, which shows me consistency.  I can’t say I think the guy is doing a bad job.  Just the opposite, in fact.


Steve Pesek of

It would be foolish to walk away from Bo Pelini and his coaching staff. With so much movement amongst college football coaches, it is an advantage for schools to have a tenured coach and allow them to ride the waves annually. The ever changing landscape of college football also makes it difficult to predict how each individual season will play out, and having a coach that has been within the program for an extended period of time is very impressive. Unless a catastrophic meltdown takes place, Pelini and his staff should be able to keep Nebraska towards the top of the Big Ten.



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  • Iwent Thattaway

    oh yay, just what I as a Husker fan love to hear.. that we’ll be “towards the top” of the Big 10. Say the same thing in Ann Arbor or Columbus and you’ll be run out of town.. backwards.


      Totally Agree. I’ve stuck with the Huskers through thick and thin over the last 33 years over here in Cali. Now I don’t feel they are returning the love by settling for mediocrity. I guess if I grew up in Lincoln, I’d have no choice but to accept everything, but I see what Jim Mora Jr has done down here in LA and it PROVES that a great coach can make a difference in a hurry. BO might be a good coordinator, but this guy is not a good head coach IMO. BO supporters want to be classy at the expense of losing……. That’s their choice. As for me, I’m sick of seeing this sorry ass defense and inconsistent offense. We have to turn things around quick and start recruiting or our glory days are WAY behind us. Maybe the fact is that these 4 and 5 star recruits are just not attracted to going to the state of Nebraska?? This could be the reality that is slapping us in the face right about now…….. Hope things get better is all I can say……..

      • filo beddoe

        Who do you think Nebraska could get right now that would do a better job? Coaches are not beating down the door to take this job. Being a fan for as long as you have been you should realize Nebraska is a place that has to be built brick by brick. Not saying I think pelini is a great coach just saying we are not going to get anyone better right now and I have seen improvement.

        • JERRY CORTES

          I don’t know brother…. I have no concrete answer like I guess everyone else doesn’t. I guess I am of the opinion to give someone else a chance and just try something DIFFERENT. Seems like the same old same old right now and we need to change SOMETHING. I’m in Cali so I am FAR from the heartland, but I’m hurting seeing us not being able to realistically challenge any of the top teams anymore… I haven’t seen the improvement that you’ve seen, but perhaps I’ve missed some details watching over here in L.A…. Over here I am a Lakers/Dodgers/LA Kings fan so I guess I don’t exactly focus on Big Red football 24-7.. But I know what you mean by brick by brick, and I’m trying to be patient but I guess I am frustrated because I had so much hope in BO turning it around (more than it has). Believe me, I want to keep being patient and raise my 7 year old as a Husker fan amongst Trojans and Bruins, but these guys (NU staff) have to start recruiting some better guys and throwing us a little more than a bone or two…….Maybe I don’t, but the Husker tradition and those living in your state deserve it. GO HUSKERS! (please!)