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Ask The Editor (Michigan)

Nebraska enters this week at 5-2, and 2-1 in Big 10 play. This puts them in 2nd place in the Big 10 Legends Division. The Huskers are only one game behind Michigan, 5-2, and 3-0 in Conference play. With first place in the Legends Division on the line this Saturday, here are some of the questions we have received from you, our readers.

Tim B. 

Nebraska barely beat Wisconsin, and had an even closer call against Northwestern. Why are we having so many close games against teams we are clearly better than. 

I think the simple answer here would be turnovers. In the two games you mentioned Nebraska turned the ball over 5 times in just those two games. That doesn’t even include the 6 turnovers the Huskers have had in their two losses (4 against Ohio State). Nebraska has had far to many turnovers this season (16) to be 5-2. Their weak schedule has benefited them. The only team they have not turned the ball over against was Southern Miss back in week 1. They had 3 turnovers against FCS Idaho State. Michigan is the No. 16th ranked defense in the country. They are going to cause turnovers, Nebraska is going to have to limit their mistakes.

Isaac D.

Besides Denard Robinson who is the most important player Nebraska has to stop on Saturday? 

The most common name people would throw out there would be Fitzgerald Toussaint, the Michigan running back. The truth is, Toussaint has not been that productive this year. He was suspended for the first game of the season against Alabama. Since then, Toussaint hasn’t gone over 85 yards in a game. He has only accounted for 283 yards on the ground this season. So my answer to this question is Devin Gardner. The 6-foot-4, junior wide receiver has caught 15 passes for 251 yards this season. Gardner has only had one catch in each of Michigan’s last 2 games. It won’t be impossible for the Huskers to shut him down. I would like to see Ciante Evans on Gardner.

Derek S. 

You have been very critical on your podcast of Cameron Meredith this year. He had a great game on Saturday against Northwestern. What do you think of Meredith’s performance Saturday? 

Senior defensive end Cameron Meredith had 5 tackles, and 1 sack against Northwestern. Clearly the best game he has played all season, and the reason being he played almost exclusively at defensive tackle on Saturday. On the very first edition of the Husker Corner Radio Show, I said I thought that Meredith should have played inside his entire career. The reason Meredith played so much at tackle against Northwestern is due to the lack of depth at that position. That could be a concern going forward in this season, especially one week from now when Nebraska plays  Le’Veon Bell and Michigan State. I would like to see Meredith to stay at tackle, and see Joseph Carter and Eric Martin be the starting defensive ends.

*Note* Defensive tackle, Chase Rome (Concussion)  and defensive end Avery Moss (Shoulder) sat out of practice both Monday and Tuesday.

Paul L. 

I saw someone posted on your Facebook that they think the “Taylor Martinez experiment should be over,” you disagreed, why? 

I think it is clear at this time, that Taylor is the best option Nebraska has at quarterback. Next year that may be a different story. I am a very strong supporter of Tommy Armstrong, and think he may be the best quarterback prospect Nebraska has had in over 15 years. I think redshirting him this season and letting him get reps next season would be more beneficial for Armstrong and the Nebraska program going forward. Will Armstrong start over Martinez next season? Doubtful. But Armstrong will give him a run for his money during fall camp.

*Note* Armstrong sat out of Tuesday’s practice with his knee wrapped up.

Sara H. 

Rex Burkhead got hurt again against Northwestern. Will we ever see him for a full game again? 

When Rex announced he would play against Idaho State I thought they rushed him back to soon. It has shown. I don’t think he should play against Michigan, not because I don’t think he is the best back, but I just don’t think he is ready. For a guy who could possibly have a future in the NFL, he may have hurt his draft status by coming back before his knee was ready.

*Note* Rex Burkhead has not practiced this week yet.

Zach T. 

Northwestern threw the ball at Stanley Jean-Baptiste a lot on Saturday. Do you see Michigan going after him too? 

I think Baptiste responded really well Northwestern going after him on Saturday. I don’t think Michigan will attack him like Northwestern tried to do. Baptiste is still young at his position. He is a converted wide receiver, but I think he has the attributes to run step for step with any wide receiver in the Big 10. His size separates him from any other corner back in the league. A team is going to throw at the, 6-foot-3 junior, and they are going to pay for it eventually. His lengthy arms will pull in a pass sooner or later if teams keep throwing to his side.

Trevor C. 

Bo Pelini and Antonio Bell looked like they were yelling at each other on Saturday, do you know what that was about? 

Pelini and corner back Antonio Bell were definitely in a confrontation with each other. It was right after the refs made a really bad call, and Bell was pulled off the field. He was so frustrated with the call or being pulled off the field, he had some choice words for his head coach. To me, I am surprised it took so long for a player to do this. Bell is a senior who moved from wide receiver to corner to get more playing time, and is clearly frustrated that he has not received it. It has been the story of this coaching staff, if a player makes a mistake they come off the field, see Tyler Moore against Ohio State, and Jamal Turner a year ago. Bo and this coaching staff have not given any players outside of the seniors that started the first game a legit look this season. Another prime example of that is redshirt freshman David Santos, who saw increased playing time on Saturday. He had a huge sack on Northwestern’s quarterback Kain Colter, and then was pulled  off the field on the following play. It just seems the coaching staff really doesn’t reward young players for their efforts.

By Jimmie Allen

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