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More than 200 questions flooded our inboxes this week. We do thank everyone for their questions. Obviously we will not be able to get to all of them this week. If I did not respond to your question, and if you do not see it here, please resend it, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Tom H. 

Would Nebraska have beat UCLA if Rex Burkhead would have played? 

Honestly, I don’t think so. The run game was not the problem. The Huskers piled up over 200 yards of rushing with out the senior running back. I actually think Nebraska’s offense becomes more dynamic without Rex on the field. With that being said, you are losing a lot of leadership on the field without Rex, so in that aspect, Burkhead may have been able to change a few things.

Eric S.

Could Tommy Armstrong unseat Taylor Martinez next season as the starter? 

Don’t kid yourself. This coaching staff is all in on Taylor Martinez. Unless he gets injured, Martinez is the starter for the next two seasons. If that is the right call or not will only be answered if Martinez gets hurt, or if he graduates. With that being said, the offense was not the problem on Saturday. Nebraska got yards, and scores. Yes, Martinez kind of fell apart towards the end of the game, but he played well in the first half. Taylor Martinez has not showed the ability to mentally hold it together when things go wrong, and until he does that I think this offense is slightly handicapped.

Les B. 

Can Nebraska beat Ohio State in a couple weeks. 

In Les’ défense he asked this question before the UCLA game. Ohio State has played like a Top 10 team for two weeks in a row. They have not played a school from a major conference, but they looked  very impressive. The one weak spot for the Buckeyes is in the secondary. Realistically Miami (OH) should have scored three touchdowns through the air against Ohio State. Dropped passes were a big deal for the Redhawks in the first half of the Ohio State game. With the pass rush at Ohio State, and from what we have seen from Nebraska’s offensive tackles, October 6 in Columbus, OH. could be a really long day for Taylor Martinez. I have a feeling Nebraska fans may remember the name Noah Spence for a long time.

Chris T. 

What the &%*# is wrong with Wisconsin? 

The Badgers beat NAIA Northern Iowa by 5 points. Then they traveled to Corvallis, OR. and got handled by Oregon State. Wisconsin’s, Heisman Trophy finalist Montee Ball had 15 carries for 61 yards and 0 touchdowns on Saturday against the Beavers. When my running back is averaging 4.1 yards a carry, I don’t care how bad the run game is struggling, I am going to keep going to him. For the Badgers to be successful, Danny O’Brien can never attempt 38 passes again all season.

Scott M. 

That Bryalon Heard kid looks pretty good. Why isn’t he getting more carries. 

Scott I couldn’t agree more. I think Heard has looked very impressive in two games. He has rushed 6 times for 55 yards, and 1 touchdown. I don’t understand why he has not received an equal, or even close to the same amount of carries as Ameer Abdullah. That’s not taking anything away from Abdullah who rushed for 119 yards on Saturday. Abdullah has been impressive, but I think Heard has more than earned at least 10 carries against Arkansas State

Sam F. 

Jamal Turner was recruited as a quarterback when he came to Nebraska. When are we going to see him throw the ball on sweep play. 

I want to state that his is JUST MY OPINION, but I don’t think we see that until Taylor Martinez is no longer in Lincoln, for this reason. Head coach Bo Pelini has done a very good job of distancing his players from the media, and fans. In Nebraska, because believe it or not, the fan base weighs heavily on this program. If Turner throws the ball, and it is on a frozen rope, and hits Kenny Bell in stride, Pelini then has to deal with, “Why isn’t this kid taking snaps at quarterback,” questions every day. Turner already said he is a quarterback at heart this fall. I don’t think you openly start a quarterback controversy with your star wide receiver if you can help it. Again, that is just MY opinion.


Would Taylor Martinez start at quarterback anywhere else in the country?

I don’t really know how to answer this question. Do I think Taylor Martinez has the talent to start at other schools? Yes. Do I think any other coach in the country would start him over Brion Carnes, or Tommy Armstrong? No. I think Taylor and Bo have a very close bond, and I think Pelini will stick with Taylor as long as they are both in Lincoln together.

Corey L. 

Do you think Pelini gets fired this year? 

No. I think for Pelini to get fired the Huskers would have to finish .500 or worse. I don’t see that happening. Nebraska will win the next two games to get them to 3-1. I don’t see anyway the Huskers lose to Minnesota, Iowa, or Penn. State. If some how Nebraska loses the other 5 Big 10 games, (Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Northwestern) I think Tom Osborne gives Pelini one more year to get things right. I don’t think any Husker fan thought Nebraska could go 6-6 at the beginning of the year. After the problems we saw defensively on Saturday, and knowing what those Big 10 teams do on offense, I think it’s looking a little more realistic if things don’t get corrected on defense.

Tom F. 

Is Michigan State the best team in the Big 10? 

I still think Ohio State is the best team in the Conference, but Michigan State was very impressive on Saturday. At this point I see Michigan State winning the Legends Division again this year. On the other side of the Conference, I see Purdue winning it. I think they looked as impressive as anyone on Saturday even though they lost to Notre Dame.

Kyle L. 

On your podcast you said you were convinced Missouri and Texas A&M would beat Georgia and Florida on Saturday. Do you feel dumb? 


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