Husker Football All-Time Greats Draft: Rounds 16-18

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Husker Football

Joe Flannigan-Albion News

As it gets closer to kickoff (and hopefully these pesky injuries stop happening), the Husker Football All-Time Greats Draft is starting to come down to the final rounds.

Editor-in-Chief Brandon Cavanaugh and staff writers Andrew Bienka and Mike Snow are all scrambling to fill out the ultimate Nebraska football team and there are sure to be some surprises as we head into the later rounds. 

We’re drafting an offensive unit including a tight end, two wide outs and a fullback as well as a standard 4-3 defense in a “snake-style” draft format.


Rounds 1-3
Rounds 4-6
Rounds 7-9
Rounds 10-12
Rounds 13-15

Let’s get to the next three rounds!

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