Husker Football Fans Demanding Word On Alternate Uniforms

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since alternate uniforms were introduced to Husker football fans two years ago, those that love, despise or are indifferent still want to know the same thing. Will Nebraska wear them this season, and if so, when?

There’s been no word yet and it’s late July leading some to think that the Big Red’s staying traditional this year. Come on now, you know better than that.

What’s the old rule of thumb? If there’s money to be made in college football, it will be made. Yes, recruits dig the change-up, too, but that’s a happy byproduct. Phones ring off the hook at Huskers Authentic asking about new helmets, jerseys, gloves, etc..

Some have suggested 1983 throwbacks, and while I appreciate a nod to the past, Nebraska will to look to the future. That’s why the “Fan Experience” is being set up, new music will course through a brand new sound system and there are eight laces above the Memorial Stadium’s TitanTron.

Last year, the alternates were announced in late June. The season before, they were unveiled around Big Ten media days. What will Husker football players wear this year, when will they wear them and perhaps most importantly, when will Big Red backers know?

I have some theories.

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