Husker Football's All-Time Greats Draft: Rounds 1-3

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husker football

Andrew Bienka-Husker Corner

We all know Husker Football is a polarizing topic, especially when you ask someone “who is the best at position>?” Well, we at Husker Corner have put a little spin on that and have devised a way to pick the greatest team of Huskers

We are drafting!

Each week leading up to the season, we’ll be drafting three rounds to put together our own “All-Time” teams made up of some of the greatest Cornhuskers to ever put on the scarlet and cream.

The rules are pretty simple: We each have to fill out a 23 man roster: 11 on offense (including a tight end and two wide receivers), 11 on defense (a base 4-3 front, my apologies to you five-man front fans out there), and one place-kicker.

Our random draft order is set as follows: Brandon Cavanaugh, Andrew Bienka, Michael Snow.

You can draft along with us in the comment section, let us know what you think of each pick, how you would have done it differently and vote for the best trio of picks after seeing them all each week.

husker football

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy drafting, Big Red fans!

And with that, Mr. Commissioner, you may do the honors.


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