Husker Football: Top Five Ben & Jerry's Nebraska Flavors

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Summertime has firmly gripped the land of Husker football. At her epicenter, temperatures reach the double digits and humidity is thick as molasses. We here at Husker Corner have the answer: ice cream.

What better than a frozen treat to help get you through the toasty doldrums of “Guess What? There’s Still No College Football” time? However, we decided to put a twist on things.


Recently, Ben & Jerry’s rolled out two new batches inspired by Saturday Night Live.

Then, we remembered some wisdom handed down about a year ago. More accurately, Perls of Knowledge:

Inspired by chancellor Perlman, here are five flavors that we feel Ben & Jerry’s should take under consideration, if not the UNL Dairy Store.

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