Husker Bowl Predictions

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Nebraska

While the bids of Bowl games will not be announced until this Sunday, many predictions are being made as to which one the Huskers will be invited to.

Many people felt that the Huskers would be invited to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, the first time they have played in Arizona since the 1999 season. But this invitation is not a lock as Michigan is still being considered as a possibility for this game.

Both the Huskers and Michigan would be big names for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl and could draw quite a crowd, although since the Huskers are located a little closer to Texas, where the Bowl will be held, they might be able to fill the stands up a little more. Plus, Husker fans would love to see another matchup between Nebraska and Texas.

In addition to possibly falling into the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl at the end of December, they may have chances of going to the Gator Bowl or the Texas Bowl. The Gator Bowl may not be as exciting of a choice for the Huskers, considering the favored SEC opponent for that game is Georgia, the team that the Huskers met up with for a Bowl game last year.

Which Bowl game would you like to see the Huskers compete in this year?

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