Editorial: A Look Back on Husker Football 2013

The year started out promising enough. The fans were all excited and waited with baited breathes to see how the players would turn out this year. Did the right recruits get chosen? Did the coaches require enough practices? Was everything done to ensure that the Huskers would have the best season possible?

It was clear early on that the Huskers still had a lot of kinks to work out with their team. Martinez, the starting quarterback who should almost be perfect after 3 years of prior experience, could barely throw the ball without an interception while the other teams have caught on to his running game.

In addition, the defense for the Huskers is very young and so they lacked the experience necessary to stop the other team at some critical moments. Luckily, with them being so young this year, they will have plenty of opportunities to make it up next year with more practice.

The Huskers had a disappointment against Michigan State when they not only lost, but ruined their chances of heading to the Big Ten Championship this year. The record of 8-3, while not bad, is not what Husker fans were looking for.

What do you think about the Husker football season this year? What are some things that you think could be improved and which things were done well?

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