November 3, 2012; East Lansing, MI, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini during the second half of a game against the Michigan State Spartans at Spartan Stadium. Nebraska won 28-24. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Corhnuskers Football: Four Blackshirts Rumored To Be Kicked Off Team

According to multiple sources close to the situation, four Nebraska defensive players have been kicked off the team. Linebacker David Santos and Thomas Brown, cornerback Jonathan Rose, and defensive lineman Ernest Suttles are reportedly no longer members of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, according to sources.

UPDATE: More details on incident involving Husker players.

Consumption of alcohol, marijuana, and paraphernalia, and a physical altercation are said to have taken place per sources, though there has been no official word yet from the university or coach Bo Pelini.

The news could be devastating for the Blackshirts, who were counting on Santos to step in and fill the void of the team losing all three of the starting linebackers from a year ago. We even had him in our X Factor list for the success of the Huskers last week.

If the rumors are true, Nebraska will have to break from their tradition of holding young players back. Nebraska has several young linebackers who will likely see the field in 2013.

Check back in with Husker Corner as more news is made available.

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  • LostEveryWeekend


  • Eric

    No no no no no, say it ain’t so!

  • ragcuda1971

    well i guess since we got the miami AD our players might as well start acting like the miami criminals!!!

  • Andrew Brandt

    The Miami AD has nothing to do with how our players act, but if Bo is kicking them off the team good for him, they didn’t come here to party, they came to get an education and play some football, if they are dumb enough to do something like this then they should be punished. Now is this all true, who knows, I don’t believe it till I see it.

    • Kent Krokaugger

      Seriously? Nobody I ever knew partied in college. If every kid that partied got kicked out of college, Lincoln would have about 100 students tops.

  • VictorERojo

    None of these guys are Blackshirts. Nice “reporting,” though — unsubstantiated rumors complete with names and accusations. I take it you have never set foot in a journalism classroom, Mr. Ackeren.

    • Andrew Brandt

      Exactly Thank you….

    • Tom

      I hope you know you could get sued for making accusations like this if not true. Unless you are talking to direct sources involved, all your stuff is third and fourth hand. You have a lot of nuts to write that in a report.

      • Matt Poulsen

        There is no chance of them getting sued.

        • Tom

          Making accusations of drugs is pretty serious. This is an amateur report by a nobody. Any new organization worth a salt would never allow such shotty reporting. It’s an embarrassment.

          • Matt Poulsen

            I don’t disagree with that, but that doesn’t mean the author is likely to be sued. There is almost zero chance of someone winning a lawsuit over that. The guy, whether responsible or not, is simply passing along information, whether from a good source or not. He’s not claiming that he saw it first hand. He’s reporting the “news,” albeit poorly. Passing along rumors isn’t the same as making an accusation. He even opens up the possibility that they’re not true.

          • Tom

            It’s a joke Sports Illustrated would even put there name on this website.

          • Patrick Allen

            Except that he was right.

          • Tom

            Ah….he was wrong. Only two were kicked off.

  • Sam-I-Am

    I’d like to remind everyone that none of these banty roosters are coached by Barney Cotton. Barney continues to remain our premiere assistant coach and this further proves his prowess as a man, father, coach, and recruiter. GBR

    • devnet

      Barney Cotton coaches offense you dolt.

  • Lee

    I will be the first to say, your facts are wrong. Do the work right before you print a story. You may have done serious damage to their image, not fair.

  • TARDIS_unknown

    Absolutely pathetic!! John Ackeren, you will never go anywhere in your field if you continue to put up unsubstantiated speculation pieces like this.

    • Patrick Allen

      The report has now been confirmed. He isn’t speculating. He is reporting sources.